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May 19 2013


I held off on telling my students that I was leaving at the end of my corps member experience. My kids don’t know what Teach For America is, but they do know that all of the white teachers in this town have a weird habit of staying for only a two-year period. And I knew…

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Mar 10 2013

The final countdown

Spring break has begun! But more importantly (since if not for my job, I wouldn’t actually have a spring break), it’s test time in Texas schools, and the test that my students will take is about ten-or-so class days away. There’s been a lot of tension going into this past week, so the break is…

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Sep 28 2012

Your cheatin’ heart

For me, cheating in the classroom is a very serious subject. At the high school that I attended, cheating was a punishable offense – usually by a suspension. It was clear to me from middle school forward that plagiarism in any shape or form was unacceptable, and that being well-intentioned in regard to avoiding plagiarism…

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Sep 19 2012

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

Last year, I was teaching the end marks of punctuation. Since I teach middle school, it is a rather sensitive age group. And made a rather serious error when checking for understanding… Are there any questions about periods? Thankfully, I didn’t get any questions I couldn’t answer. Tomorrow, it’s the return of the period lesson……

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Sep 16 2012


This weekend, I came across a really interesting (and relatable) article that the New York Times ran earlier this year. You can check out the piece for yourself, but it highlights students who cross the border each morning to attend school in the U.S. Many of the students profiled are U.S. citizens; some are not.…

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Jul 25 2012


Considering that it’s been more than a year since my last blog post, it seems like I should add another. Especially since I didn’t actually blog anything during the whole first year. But I think there were a lot of lessons from that first year that I suppose it would make sense to share, in…

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Jun 23 2011

Coming clean

My school doesn’t have co-labs – instead, I teach 2nd period reading, and another teacher (I.), teaches the same students for 1st period. I don’t play favorites, but I imagine every class has this student. The one who sits at the front of the room even if you don’t have assigned seats, who is shy…

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