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Jul 23 2011

Say you’ll be there

On the last day of Institute, in the minutes before my school site officially closed for business, my CMA led us in an activity. I’m not sure what she called it exactly, but when I’ve done it before, it’s been called “warm-and-fuzzies”.

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Jun 30 2011

A little respect

This week had a lot of unmemorable moments.

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Jun 23 2011

Coming clean

My school doesn’t have co-labs – instead, I teach 2nd period reading, and another teacher (I.), teaches the same students for 1st period. I don’t play favorites, but I imagine every class has this student. The one who sits at the front of the room even if you don’t have assigned seats, who is shy…

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Jun 20 2011

End of the innocence

It’s been a rough night. It actually has nothing to do with lesson planning, or deciding where I’m going to hang my latest motivational poster in Room 215A. Nor does it really have to do with the never-ending drama about my unfinished business at Vanderbilt, where I tonight I helped clear the name of a…

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Jun 17 2011

Reflections on the first week

I’ve finally done it. I’ve completed my first week in the classroom.

That’s a somewhat relative term, seeing as I only teach one 60-minute class period a day at Houston Institute, and Houston ISD cannot afford 5-day-a-week summer school, so I actually finished the week yesterday.

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