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About Me!

  • I lived 20 minutes from Wisconsin for two years, but have never stepped foot in the state.
  • Given the choice between Chipotle and Noodles & Co. on Election Night 2008, I’ll take Noodles. But my current favorite restaurant… if it could be considered that.. is probably Señor Frog’s.
  • For four years, I worked in the IT office at my former high school every summer, where after three years I finally made the transition to calling former teachers by their first names.
  • When I was 14, I managed to spend six weeks in the hospital and still pass the eighth grade.
  • I have a more disjointed social network than you will ever imagine, with my favorite members located in Minnesota, South Carolina, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, and Rhode Island.
  • I committed to moving to Chicago after spending three days there.
  • I committed to moving to Nashville for two years having never previously visited the South.
  • This fall, I’ll be moving to the Rio Grande Valley, where I will be a middle school teacher.
  • My continually changing college media career led me to interview current Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, and then several weeks later, take his old job in our organization.
  • Commercials for Luna Carpet (773-202-LUNA, of course), Victory Auto Wreckers, United Auto Insurance, and Bob Rohrman car dealerships are one of the worst parts of living in Chicago yet are also one of the things that I weirdly miss the most.
  • My friends blackmailed me into purchasing my only pair of jeans.
  • I like McAllen, Texas a lot. And now I’m moving to that area. But I don’t really like Philadelphia.
  • Despite being a big country music fan, I’ve also managed to serve as a contributor to the online Rap-to-English dictionary Rap Genius.
  • I haven’t eaten a french fry since August 15, 2010.

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Houston Institute '11 alum. Now a rural E/LA teacher.

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